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# Most hardworking people during lockdown

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

As we know the coronavirus outbreak has brought the world to a standstill. With businesses around the world shutting shop, the economy taking a severe hit and most countries being in lockdown, all of us are fighting Covid-19 the best way we can.but still these pleple are working hard .we just thanks them and pray for them.They are giving their live at a risk to save our life. Some of them are--:


However, in this pandemic, the medical community including doctors, nurses and the medical staff are the warriors who are fighting this disease on the frontlines and are putting their lives at risk to keep us safe.Do you know why all the temples , churches ,mosques are closed? Because all the Gods are in Hospitals wearing white coats!

A large army of doctors have been making their way to COVID wards each day and night, working 24×7 relentlessly to ensure that lives are saved.

With limited sleeping hours, extra responsibilities and added pressure, they have been working in challenging circumstances providing care to patients and risking their own lives while they fight for the lives of others.Some of them are living in hospitals just because to save their family and neighbourhood. we should thankful for them.


Healthcare workers, sanitation staff, those who run grocery and medical shops, government officials in general — all of them form the frontline in the battle against the novel coronavirus, but the police are in the frontline of the frontline.

Badly equipped, overworked to the level of exhaustion, and facing the most serious threat of infection — much more than even the medical professionals — they are critical in keeping the system moving. They visit the homes of travellers and the infected, enforce quarantine, protect healthcare workers, and ensure that essential supplies move while stopping non-essential movement of people.

While we rightly outrage about the violence of the police, we must also appreciate the working conditions. And they are out with nil or little protective gear — they wear the same substandard masks for days on end, in most places.


As we know teachers are next to god ,are are just like our parents who teaches us some important values of life.During lockdown when all schools are closed they are taking online clases just because to secure our career.Teacher takes online classes despite testing positive for coronavirus, calls teaching his passion. i am showing just an example of these hardworking teacher.This COVID positive maths teacher took online classes from a hospital in Leh.

Kifayat requested the school principal if he could take online classes from inside the four walls of the hospital as the students were already used to them and could access the internet. Kifayat told that he will continue to take these classes until the schools reopen.

At last i want to say that we should respect them..

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