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#The world’s first hydrogen powered supercar:Hyperion XP-1

Updated: Jan 12

The world’s first hydrogen powered supercar: Hyperion XP-1.After a host of teasers, Californian startup Hyperion recently took the wraps off the XP-1 hydrogen hypercar. The supercar takes inspiration from the Bugatti Veyron in terms of design and adds in futuristic bits. But the main talking point is its powertrain that swaps batteries for a hydrogen fuel cell stack. And if the claimed figures are anything to go by, the XP-1 could be a serious alternative to battery electric vehicles.

Despite boasting a 1000 mile+ range, the XP-1 packs supercar-level performance 

Greener than a Tesla

Hyperion has unveiled the XP-1, the supercar that’s as close to zero-emissions as it gets thanks to its hydrogen powered motors.

City rivals

Despite comparisons to Tesla, Hyperion - also based in California - is not looking to take on the Elon Musk led car manufacturer. Even though the XP-1 is being touted as a ‘Tesla killer’.

One off

Hyperion’s hydrogen powered beast, however, is a one-off, with the American company building only 300 of them.


The XP-1 is a supercar in all but fuel, capable of touching speeds of 350 kilometers per hour and going from 0-100 in less than three seconds.

Futuristic design

From afar, the XP-1 might look like a modified Bugatti Chiron, but the closer you get the more the myth is dispelled. While the car does borrow a few design cues, it looks much more futuristic than a Bugatti.

Could it be coming to India?

While it could be possible to privately import the Hyperion XP-1 to India, our country currently lacks public hydrogen filling stations to support the car’s hydrogen fuel-cell technology. We have, however, sampled hydrogen fuel cell technology in a more mass-produced car, the Toyota Mirai.

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